How many friends do you need ?

At this age you probably have multiple groups of friends. You have neighborhood friends, work friends, old work friends, friends from playing on softball team, etc. , childhood friends. Basically you have too many friends ! Our energy level is low to begin with and most likely going out becomes a “think” with the wife so you need to choose wisely when asked to do something with your friends! I have been known to turn down offers to go out because I knew another one was close behind and I didn’t want to fight the battle of going out two nights in a row….actually the the stamina most likely wouldn’t be there either! So I think you need to rank your friend groups – this will help in determining “Do I want to go out?”. Lately, regardless of what tier my friends fell in, I have been passing. This is a great way to build up bonus points with the wife. If you know you have a major event coming in the future, you might have to decline a tier one invite. But this will payoff in the long run, feel free to refer back to the declination why telling wife about the major outing you are invited to participate in! That is the whole purpose of saying no to your friends ! So i guess it might be a good thing to have multiple groups of friends. It always you to consistently decline invitations so you can go out when you really want to.

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