Gambling – Good or Bad

So if your a Mawguy, most likely your married, you got a couple of kids, you been working for about 25 years ( most likely at a job you don’t really care about) ante have a mortgage. You probably have given up any competitive sports you use to do (golf doesn’t count) and miss that excitement you use to get when you were getting ready to play in your over-35 basketball championship. It wasn’t much, but it was something. So now what’s left ? I think Gambling!

Hitting that jackpot or royal straight flush on video poker. Who knows, maybe betting that the Winnipeg Jets win the Stanley Cup ? I think gambling is a great way to get the juices flowing again, you need something! I’m not saying bet the mortgage, or am I ? Talk about a rush, if the Lakers don’t cover You miss the mortgage payment. Ok, maybe that’s a little bit much, but it would certainly get the blood pumping.

I think you need to find a happy medium, but I think it’s just one way to get the blood pumping ! Now if I can only have Jordan Spieth win the Masters I can finally get that new septic system put in !

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